How we make coffee

The Central Highlands of Vietnam is endowed with rich red basalt soil, with an altitude of 500 – 600m above sea level and a cool climate suitable for agricultural crops, especially varieties of high quality coffee like Robusta, Arabica, Moka, Catimor, ect.

Almost 25 years of experience in selecting fresh coffee, bean by bean, in combination with the advanced coffee roasting technology and traditional Post-Harvest Handling and Processing methods on the famous beans beans from Robusta, Arabrica to Catimor, ect have enabled us to precisely identify the best beans for our blend to create the best particles that have characterized the Vietnamese taste.

Dao Nguyen Coffee has constantly been researching and acting creativity to create a product line of high quality origin coffee made from 100% pure ingredients in the characteristics of the high plateau following the regulations and standards that apply for not only the local market but also for restaurants, hotels and export segments on a global scale.

Our core-values

The sustainability in global value chains between farmers and traders, in combination with the effective business strategy bring the true quality to consumers is our belief while creating growth on our business journey.
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    Our Coffee

    We only use the best selected coffee beans in the Central Highlands of Vietnam for our coffee products in the Mystery Bean brand.

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    Our Partner

    We are solution-focused and profit-focused by leveraging our strengths and capabilities across our organization to earn our partner’s respect and loyalty.

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    Our Customer

    It starts with a promise to bring the best products and services to our beloved customers in different engaged communications that connect people to live, laugh and enjoy every moment with a cup of coffee to the last sip.

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    Our Farmers

    We are addicted to learning and sharing gratitude to our local communities by approaching with a sense of appreciation and responsibility for our actions.

Sourcing & roasting

Chúng tôi luôn giữ qui trình và kỹ thuật rang bí truyền được nghiên cứu và phát triển theo từng loại hạt nhằm mang lại hương vị tốt nhất cho mỗi mẻ cà phê.