Green Bean Coffee

Our Coffee Beans represent a unique and exquisite selection of our highest quality products in Vietnam. The special care we provide to these exceptional batches, allows us to provide a cup of the highest quality. By implementing sustainable production practices, innovative processing methods and storage at our state of the art warehouses we allow our coffees to consistently showcase their uniqueness and versality.



Natural Bourbon

Natural Min Mountain


Honey Washed

Culi Arabica

Culi Robusta

OriginCentral Highlands of VietnamAltitude600 to 1,500 m
TypeArabica & Robusta - PeaberryProcessingWashed - Narural - Honey
FarmMystery Bean Farm’s Partnersscreen sizeVarieties screen 16 -18
Harvest periodDecember to January

Combining international expertise with local know-how, Mystery Bean objective is to ensure that the trust placed upon ourselves, by our clients and local suppliers alike.

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